Macon R-1 School District turns on "Friday Night Lights" in solidarity of 69棋牌 Seniors

by Benjamin C. Nelson

MACON, MO -- On Friday, April 24th, Macon High School turned on their lights at Hugh Dunn field in solidarity of their 69棋牌 seniors after the COVID-19 Global Pandemic has cancelled/postponed a lot of their "seniors lasts" making for a confusing and upsetting experience as the seniors prepare to part ways with Macon R-1 to head off and make an impact on the world awaiting them. From FBLA, FFA, other student organizations, spring semesters are full of conferences and award banquets that include parting words from seniors that have held their membership and devoted their time and energy to these organizations for the last four years. For athletes running track, playing baseball and golf, the spring semester brings the last opportunity for seniors to experience a competitive sport that they have been preparing for years ahead of time with hopes to make a final run for that 1st place finish, 69棋牌-run, or even the goal of making it to the state tournament. Regardless, the spring semester really brings friends together one last time, whether that be at prom, graduation, or the hallways throughout the school, before many part ways to head off to chase their aspirations, attend college, trade schools, etc. All of it, for the most part being cancelled/postponed due to the virus.

Hundreds of schools across the United States have joined in turning on their lights for the seniors. For Macon, the stadium lights came on at 8:20 p.m. (20:20 in military time) and remained on for 20 minutes and 20 seconds. Superintendent Scott Jarvis stated, "I think it is important to do whatever we can to let seniors know the school and community recognize the final part of the journey they started 13 years ago is upon them and a new journey is about to start."

When asked about the school turning on the lights, Senior Katie Hackman (daughter of Cara and Doug Hackman) stated, "Seeing the lights on made me feel the support of the community around me even though they weren’t physically there." Additionally, when asked what it means to be a Macon Tiger, Ms. Hackman responded by saying, "To me being a Macon Tiger means the school spirit I experienced through the sports I played, and games and events I went to with my classmates around me."

When asked about the school turning on the lights, Senior Cruz Lewis (son of Trinity and Cody Lewis) stated, "It was really cool. They did it for all of us. it kinda hints the feeling of being out on that field on Friday night or playing under the light in baseball. I’ve spent my whole high school on those fields. It's one of those feelings you can't get without being there and doing it. I’ll never forget it." When asked about what it means to be a Macon Tiger, Mr. Lewis responded by stating, "What it means to be a Macon Tiger to me is having pride even when your down. A great example of this is football and baseball. Winning or losing. Kind of like now. No matter what, you have to have pride even when things aren’t going your way."

Superintendent Jarvis stated that for graduation and prom, "We will have alternative dates. We cannot do anything until they change the social distancing guidelines."

Headline picture of the lights on at both the Hugh Dunn Football Field and Baseball Field, taken by Mary Linear